Stitch It Up!

Embellish this little bookmark with embroidery and a swish tassel. It’s a great way to make a gift from your stash of cute scraps. Choose a fabric with a clear motif to highlight with stitching – this apple fabric would be the perfect gift for a teacher.

by Judy Newman


You will need:

  • Fabric scraps: two prints, one with a clear motif suitable to highlight with stitching
  • Six stranded embroidery thread (or your preferred choice) and needle
  • Fusible webbing eg.Vliesofix
  • Pinking shears
  • Eyelet and punch (optional)
  • Embroidery thread for tassel
  • Tapestry needle



Using one strand of embroidery thread, work long and short satin stitch over a motif on the print fabric, considering the position of the motif when the bookmark is cut out. Outline the motif with running stitch. (stitch illustrations at base of article)
Cut out the fabric approximately 7cm x 18cm, placing the embroidered motif in the centre; this will be the Front. Cut out a second piece for the Back from a contrasting scrap and then cut out a same sized piece of fusible webbing.
Fuse the webbing to the wrong side of the Back piece, remove paper and then place Front over webbing and fuse all layers together. Trim around the edges using pinking shears.
Pierce a hole near the top (approximately 2cm from the top edge) using scissors or an awl.
Punch with an eyelet if desired.
Make a tassel using six stranded thread. Wind the thread around a card, approximately 6cm wide until desired thickness for tassel.
Tie the thread bunch at one edge of the card with two lengths of thread; cut through the threads along the other edge of the card.
Wind two more lengths of cut thread around the tassel, 1cm from the tied edge and knot the thread.
Thread the ends into a tapestry needle and pull into the centre of the tassel to hide them. Trim to match the tassel length.
Knot the long ends of the thread tied in Step 6 and tie them through the eyelet to complete the bookmark.
Running Stitch and Long and Short Satin Stitch are the easy stitches used to highlight the motif on the fabric.


Now all that remains is to find your ideal holiday read and a quiet place. Enjoy!

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