Superfine Merino on Parade

Pick up a skein of Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton knitting yarn and the first thing you will notice is the silky, smooth touch, certainly soft enough to wear directly next to the skin. It is created from fibre with some of the finest classification, as measured in microns, and the finer the fibre, the softer the yarn.

Previously wool of this quality has only been used for men’s suiting but the Wangaratta Woollen Mill has been working for more than 12 months to make it now available for hand knitting; Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton 8 ply hand knitting yarn is the result.

Only a handful of specialist woolgrowers produce superfine merino wool.

Production of this yarn requires detailed and labour intensive care from the breeding and raising of the pure merino sheep, through every step in the handling, processing and packaging of the wool. Production of superfine wool requires passionate wool growers who handle their sheep with incredible care and attention, and the utmost care at every step of production.

As well as being exceptionally fine and soft, this fibre has a high crimp giving it amazing resilience and it has a pure white fleece colour enabling the dyeing process to achieve a rich depth of colour.

In January this year Australian Superfine Merino Yarn by Cleckheaton was launched in North America at Vogue Knitting LIVE at the Marriott Times Square, New York. The show is the most prestigious consumer yarn event in the world and it was here the first Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton Fashion Show was launched, with 30 looks across three key fashion collections being presented. Each collection was designed using unique colour palettes inspired by various geographical areas of Australia.

See this beautiful, exceptional collection of fashion knits and learn how this gorgeous yarn is created at the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair where the garments will be on parade each day at 12.30pm, July 28 to 31. Afterwards hear first-hand from the specialist superfine merino woolgrowers who will share some insights into how this fibre is produced and why it is so very special.

Thank you to Australian Country Spinners for presenting the parade.

Read more at 2016 Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair 

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About Australian Country Spinners. Founded in 1923, the Wangaratta Woollen Mills was created to provide a sustainable industry for the town.

The Mill has been the lifeblood of the Victorian town for 90 years. It was built to provide jobs after the First World war and continued to employ many immigrants after the Second World War.

To many it was and remains more than a place of work – it is the town’s social hub.

Enduring through many changes, the Mill remains an icon of the Australian textile manufacturing industry. It is now the proud maker of Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton.

Have you visited the Mills?

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