Take an Element

Many years ago when I was writing for a craft magazine I had the pleasure of spending a day shooting at the home of  Margaret Sampson-George. It was one of those day’s when you come home feeling totally inspired, not only by her beautiful sewing but by her accompanying philosophy. It was a home where quilts are used, people are encouraged to touch them, and later when I was in Marg’s class, students were encouraged to explore ideas and put their own stamp on their quiltmaking.

Little Miss April_small

Little Miss April by Margaret Sampson-George

Margaret loves fabric, has a quirky sense of design which comes through in her work which references traditional techniques and antique quilts. She has taught and practiced quilt making for more than 40 years, drawing on influences of her time spent in China and Fiji, combined with her main influence which is 18th century American and French designs.

 Margaret Sampson-George_small

Margaret Sampson-George

Marg has written a book, title Take An Element, which gives an insight into her work and her ideas… lucky readers, if you love fabric and quilting, you’ll not only enjoy the pictures; you’ll enjoy the read.

Pina Colada_small_1

Pina Colada by Marg Sampson-George

In Take an Element which has been published by Quiltmania, she shares her bright, colourful designs and gives an insight into their evolution. Her quilts evidence her ability to be original even while using traditional techniques.

Couv-Margaret-ok.inddMarg’s book Take an Element published by QuiltMania is available from various craft retailers and sellers at our craft events.







Written by Judy Newman

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