The incredibly intricate work of Anna Chiara Valentini

Patchwork Quilt 2012New York Beauty, 2015

Anna Chiara began her professional career as an architect. “I discovered quilling by accident in 2014 when I was surfing the internet,” Anna recalls. “I was amazed by some quilling creations used to make 3D flowers. Before that I did not even know about the existence of quilling art.”

The chance discovery led Anna to research and learn more about quilling and to teach herself the art form. “I am self-taught and have refined my technique day after day by learning from my mistakes,” she smiles.

After working incredibly hard to hone and perfect her quilling technique, Anna now makes a living from quilling. “Over the years quilling has become my full-time profession. However, when I get a request, I provide architectural consultancy services.” Nowadays Anna creates both commercial and commissioned pieces. “I often collaborate with graphic design companies and I also create custom-made artworks for private customers,” she explains.

The process of designing a piece for Anna is quite organic. “As an architect, I spent so much of my life in front of a computer screen that I prefer not to use the computer for my quilling artworks,” she admits. “Sometimes I draw sketches but most of the time I create and glue directly following my instinct. I just let my imagination run wild!”

To create her incredible pieces, Anna uses relatively few resources. “The tools I use most are quilling slotted tools, pencils, scissors, vinyl glue, toothpick, disposable plastic plates (for the glue) and of course a selection of paper of varying colours and weights,” Anna details.

All designs begin with a base paper that Anna says is not as sturdy as you might expect. “I usually use around a 280gsm paper. The most important thing is not to use excessive glue.”

To create the quilled images Anna uses a range of papers. “I like to use different types of paper, very often recycled,” Anna says. “According to my inspiration I like to experience the strength or lightness of different paper manufactures. I have only ever used plain paper in my designs and I cut the paper into different widths depending on the design I’m creating.”

Inspiration for Anna comes from nature and its colours. “I am very fascinated by nature and its myriad of colours. Many of my works are inspired by the beauty of flowers. I like to combine typographic drawings with floral ornaments.”

Anna’s creativity does not stop with architecture and quilling, “I am a quilt lover!” Anna admits. “In my spare time I like to make colourful quilts with my sewing machine. I would like to have more time to improve and learn the secrets of sewing!”

Anna Chiara Valentini resides in Rome, Italy. Visit her website or follow her on Instagram @

Patchwork Quilt 2012New York Beauty, 2015
Patchwork Quilt 2012New York Beauty, 2015
Patchwork Quilt 2012New York Beauty, 2015
Patchwork Quilt 2012New York Beauty, 2015

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