Towns & Trailblazers

Towns and Trailblazers is a new book by Jen Wulff. When we hear the stories of Australia the focus is often on the activities of the men with the women only vaguely described. This book includes stories of trailblazing women, some you may already know and others will be new to you. Each trailblazer and her town have inspired a quilt block which combine to create an Australian inspired textile providing a tangible connection to the places and women remembered here.

About the Quilt: Each block remembers an Australian town and a local woman from the 18th, 19th or early 20th Century. The whole continent is included with blocks related to the far North West coast, through the red centre, across to the East Coast and down to South tip of Tasmania.  Short stories about the women, quilt templates and construction tips can be read in the accompanying book.

Hand and machine pieced by Jennifer Corkish & Jen Wulff. Custom quilted by Lexie Randazzo.

Jen Wulff has worked as an academic in Australian Universities for the last twenty years and she used her professional skills in compiling the often untold stories of Australian women in Towns And Trailblazers: Remembering Australian Women. Jen has developed of her interest in quilting through many years spent in the quilting community around Berry on the NSW South Coast. Jen greatly values the lasting friendships made through local quilt groups and she hopes her recently published book increases awareness of both quilting and the role women had in shaping Australia.



Meet Jen at AQC, April 5 to 8. She’ll be conducting floortalks each day: 11.30am Thursday and Friday, 1.30pm Saturday and Sunday

Australasian Quilt Convention brings the best international and local tutors together with the quilters from around Australia and New Zealand.



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