Traveller’s Blankets

The Traveller’s Blanket is a beautiful concept of telling many stories in stitches. The stitching replicates hand writing and so, holds the power to write scripts, stories and wonders. Inspired by travellers, these magical stories are passed down and spread through the coded language of stitch. The first blankets Dijanne made were inspired by the stories of two great travellers, Marco Polo and Ibn Ba Batuta. Often the journeys made to the undiscovered ‘East’ were all about industrial espionage, finding out how to grow silk worms and make silk. Silk was once the object of greatest desire in the


West and manytravel-1 excursions were made to try
and work out how it was made. Thinking like travellers on the mysterious Silk Road, and most likely unable to write, how would you record your encounters, the memories of the fabrics and silks encountered and the patterns and stitches? Dijanne Ceval believes; travellers would have collected fragments and perhaps even steal

fragments then sew them onto a blanket to keep warm on the journey – a visual aide memoire, recording patterns and ideas.

“I have kept the stitching simple and the fabrics simple, because I imagined such travellers would have many hardships and things would need to be simple and easy to carry,” says Dijanne.

See Dijanne Cevaal’s Traveller’s Blankets at the Sydney Craft & Quilt  Fair and the Melbourne fair. 

JOIN DIJANNE in a Sit & Stitch session on her stand. Book at her stand on the day. Find event details at

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