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Loani Prior, Queen of the Tea Cosies and author of Wild Tea Cosies, REALLY Wild Tea Cosies and How Tea Cosies Changed the World, has shared her gorgeous knitted Trumpet Flower pattern with us.

So make yourself a cuppa, get out those knitting needles and enjoy creating lots and lots of little trumpet flowers – great for decorating small projects!

Trumpet Flower
Knitted in the round. Loani used Zauerball wool with 2.75mm needles. The ‘magic loop’ method with one set of circular needles measuring 80 cm from tip to tip.
What is M1? M1 = Pick up the loop between the two stitches onto the left needle then knit into the back of it to make a stitch.
Cast on 6 stitches. Join the round. Rnd 1: KnitRnd 2: Increase by knitting into the front and back of every stitch (12 stitches). Rnd 3: Knit Rnd 4: *K2, increase into the next stitch. Rpt from * to end of round (16 stitches). Rnds 5 – 10: (6 rounds) Knit Rnd 11: *K4, M1. Rpt from * to end of round (20 stitches).Rnd 12: Knit Rnd 13: K2. *M1, K5. Rpt from * to last 3 stitches. M1, K3 (24 stitches). Rnds 14 and 15: Knit
To make picot edging for Trumpet Flower splay…Rnd 16: *Yarn forward, K2tg. Rpt from * to end of round. (The yarn forward creates one large stitch. When you knit into it in the next round, it creates a lace hole.) Rnds 17 and 18: Knit Rnd 19: *K4, K2tg. Rpt from * to end of round (20 stitches). Rnds 20: Knit Rnd 21: K1, K2tg. *K3, K2tg. Rpt from * to last 2 stitches. K2 (16 stitches). Rnds 22 – 26: (5 rounds) Knit Rnd 27: *K2, K2tg. Rpt from * to end (12 stitches). Rnd 28: Knit Rnd 29: *K2tg. Rpt from * to end (6 stitches). Instead of casting off, thread the end through a darning needle and through the last 6 stitches. Pull up tight to close the hole and sew a couple of holding stitches. Fold the pod in on itself with the smaller section down inside the larger section.
Voilà! The most beautiful little trumpet flower!


Loani will be showcasing her tea cosies and will be available to talk about her books, her inspiration and much more at:

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