Valentine’s Card

Show someone you love them with a handmade Valentine’s Day card. This easy card idea uses narrow ribbon for embellishment and can be made in a few minutes.



A4 Sheet of pink patterned card stock

5mm-wide ribbon

Adhesive tape

White card stock

Scissors or craft knife




        Cut the A4 sheet of card stock into two A5 pieces. Fold one piece in half to create an A6 card. Cut out a heart shape from the remaining piece of pink patterned card stock. Wind lengths of ribbon around the heart and secure the ends at the back with adhesive tape.

    Tie a separate ribbon bow and adhere it to the centre top of the heart.
Cut out a white heart a few millimetres larger than your patterned paper heart.

        Stick the pink heart onto the white one to complete the heart embellishment.
      Fix the heart embellishment onto the front of the card. Write your valentine’s message inside and deliver in secret!


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  1. Love the look of the show wish I come go on day to see all the beautiful quilts and all my ish might come true one day hope so.thank you for showing what goes on there.


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