Washi Tape Cards

Inspired by our washi tape experiences, we asked Nicole Farrell from Craft Queen to design some lovely cards for you to make with three different ideas for using the tape. We especially love the way she has used tape to make mini-bunting.


Here’s how to make them. All cards are 15 x 11cm

Materials needed:

White cardstock

Papers used are Simple Stories Fabulous 6’’ paper pad (available at www.craftqueen.com.au)

Washi tapes

Tiny twine

Narrow 3mm-wide ribbon – hot pink

Sentiment stickers

Chipboard scrap for the Present Card


Card 1 – It’s Your Day Using washi tape as a border

  1. Using the turquoise striped washi tape, create a border on the card, large enough to fit around the cream floral paper.
  2. Stick the cream floral paper onto the card using foam tape.
  3. Stick the bird paper onto the card using foam tape.
  4. Add sentiment sticker ‘It’s Your Day’ (you can buy these from Craft Queen – they are clear stickers)



Card 2 – Make a Wish Making a banner (like bunting) using washi tape

  1. Stick bird paper onto cardstock, leaving a small white border.
  2. Stick washi tape over the pink tiny twine. Tie a knot at each end of the twine. Nicole used 4 pieces for the banner but you can vary the number according to the banner size.
  3. Cut the ‘V’ shape out of the banner pieces.
  4. Add ‘Make a Wish’ and ‘Birthday Girl’ stickers to the card.




Card 3 – Present Card Make a present graphic using washi tape

  1. Stick pink scalloped washi tape to the top and bottom of the card to create a border. The pink scalloped pattern looks lovely but of course you can use other patterns too.
  2. Using a square scrap of chipboard, create a present. Nicole stuck two pieces of chipboard together to create more dimension.
  3. Cover the chipboard with black spot washi tape.
  4. Add narrow pink ribbon around the present and top with a bow. Stick the present to the centre of the card.

TIP: The present card would make a great Christmas card if you change the colour scheme to traditional red and green.

These quick easy washi tape cards were created by Nicole Farrell of Craft Queen, a regular exhibitor at our Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo and Sydney’s Craft & Quilt Fair. Visit their website at www.craftqueen.com.au



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