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I’ve just found an app that I can’t stop using… and I think you’ll like it too. If you love the effect of watercolour but are not exactly an artist, install this app and watch the magic. It takes seconds to transform your phone or i-pad photograph into a watercolour image.

By Judy Newman

The makers of the app were inspired by the tools artists actually use, and based their technology on how painters work rather than approaching the app development from a technical perspective.

It’s a winner. Possibilities for craftspeople are plenty. Make cards and scrapbook images, or transfer the image to fabric and stitch over it as you please. It costs around $4.50 to download from the app store; just search for Waterlogue. Here are my images; my original photos taken on my phone on the left, Waterlogue effect on the right. And you can play with multiple effects in the app.

1. Kandie photo_ed
2. Kandie photo Waterlogue version_ed

I plan to transfer this image onto fabric and stitch over it.

3. Hamilton Island original_ed 4. Hamilton Island  Waterlogue version_ed
5. Sunrise_original_ed 6. Sunrise_Waterlogued_ed
7. Kandie_original_ed 8. Kandie_ed

You can see Kandie’s a favourite subject!

9. Geese in the Garden Original_ed 10. Waterlogue -Geese in the Garden_ed
11. Waterlogue Beach scene_ed 12. Waterlogue image transferred to fabric_ed
Above right: the image transferred to fabric and stitched.
If you’ll pardon the pun, the applications for craft are plentiful – the fabric image makes a great basis for hand or machine embroidery. Find out more here.


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One thought on “Amazing Watercolour App”

  1. Really great app. I am not techno oriented, but must give this one a try. Great work and inspiration to work with photos.

    Thank you.


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