White Cushion with Felt Flowers from Cheryl Attwood

Make this cushion with felt flowers

This sweet pillow will make the perfect accent on a chair, sofa, window seat or bed.

It would also make a gorgeous and thoughtful gift!


1.3m x white homespun fabric (112cm wide)

2 x white acrylic felt squares

1 x 40cm (size 16) cushion insert

1 x ball of Candlewicking thread or similar to stitch Colonial knots for flower centres

1 x Crewel embroidery needle

Water erasable pen/ruler/pins/sewing machine

Finished Size 40cm square



  • Prewash homespun fabric.
  • Cut two squares from the fabric measuring 45cm x 45cm. Place one square aside for now.
  • Fold the homespun square into quarters to find the centre point.
  • Using the water erasable pen, mark out the flower placement on the 45cm square evenly into three rows of three.
  • Cut out eighteen flowers from the squares of white felt, two flowers per placement. Click to download a template for the flowers.


  • Stitch the flowers using Colonial knots to the homespun onto the marked positions. Use approx. ten knots for each flower centre. Use four strands of thread for Colonial knots.


  • When all the flowers have been secured by Colonial knots, use the water erasable pen and ruler to rule a square 40cm x 40cm around the fabric edge, making sure the flowers are even between the ruled lines.
  • Machine stitch the homespun square placed aside earlier to the back of the square the felt flowers are stitched to, using the ruled lines as a guide.
  • Cut four strips of homespun, the width of the fabric (112cm) x 10cm wide. Join all four strips end to end using a French seam.
  • Machine stitch a 0.5cm hem the full length of one edge of the joined strips, and a gathering stitch to the other edge
  • Gather up the frill to a length of approximately 160cm and machine stitch it to the 40cm marked square on the face side. Join the two ends together where the frill meets.
  • Pin the frill flat to the front of the cushion.
  • From the remaining homespun, cut two rectangles 45cm x 30cm. These will be used as the back flaps for the cushion. Machine a 1cm hem down the long edge of each rectangle.
  • Pin both flaps overlapping by approximately 20cm face down to the cushion front and machine stitch all layers together around the 40cm marked square.
  • Remove pins and turn cushion through to the right side, then remove pins from the frill.
  • Place cushion insert into cushion cover and remove any water erasable pen marks.

Complete cushion available from Cheryl Attwood Originals


Thanks to Cheryl Attwood for sharing this project with us. Cheryl is a self-taught craft lover who has been seriously sewing for around 25 years. She sells her unique pieces online through Facebook as well as the occasional market stall and in various store locations in Manuka ACT, Mosman in Sydney, Leura in the Blue Mountains, Erina and Byron Bay in NSW. Find Cheryl on Facebook at Cheryl Attwoood Originals https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheryl-Attwood-Originals/183162405060531 or email: chezzatt@bigpond.com





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