Wrap it

Wrapped bangles

Spotted: unfinished timber bangles at a recent craft show, at bargain prices too good to miss.

But what to do with them? How about wrapping them with some items from your craft stash?

Thread wrapped

Grab your stash of embroidery thread, place a dot of glue in the inside of the bangle and start wrapping. When you finish with that colour, thread the end into a needle and insert it under the wraps on the inside face, trim the end. Continue in this manner until the entire bangle is wrapped.

You’ll need to wrap two layers of thread to cover the entire outside face of the bangle.Washi tape wrapped

Super easy – just pick your favourite pattern of washi tape and start wrapping! The tape gives a lovely texture too.Fabric, thread and bead wrap

Using any kind of fabric strip or knitting yarn (this one is done using a  silk strip – recycled saris actually – usually used for knitting and crochet), wrap a base layer as for the embroidery thread.

Then thread some beads onto a beading or embroidery thread and wrap the bead-loaded thread around the bangle. Tie the ends securely when finished and tuck them under the fabric on the inside face.Timber-bangles

Buy your timber bangles from Izzii Napkin Art at selected craft events.

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One thought on “Wrap it”

  1. A good idea but remember not to use too thick a wrapping or one that may have beads etc. inside the ring or your hand wont go through the bangle!


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